New Home Construction

Chambers Bay Construction is a full-service, design-build general contractor that can handle anything from site development to high-end finishes. With over 20 years of construction experience, management and crew have worked on all kinds of remodeling, renovation, repair and home improvement projects. We also build new homes to spec or to custom design, personalized to your specific style and needs. Chambers Bay Construction works with top-rate field crew, professional architects and interior designers. Together, we turn great ideas into blueprints and dream homes into reality.

Built to Spec

Sometimes great new home plans already exist!  Simply find a plan you like, and we’ll build it to spec!

Modified Spec

Sometimes customers find pre-existing plans they really like, but they have ideas to improve upon it. This is the most common scenario we run into. After you find a plan you like, we’ll meet with you to discuss your needs and ideas then draw sketches of the changes you’d like to see. We’ll consult you on what may or may not work structurally and offer other suggestions along the way. We then work with our expert Architecture team to solidify your new plan

Custom Homes

We must admit. We have the most fun with fully custom home project. The process is similar to semi-custom homes, except that our drawing starts from scratch. First we recommend finding images of homes that you like. We use these images for inspiration, to help us get to know your style and taste. From there we will meet with you to go over your short term and long term goals and start to sketch rough plans for your new dream home.   |   (253) 686-0240   |   3800 Bridgeport Way, University Place, WA 98466